Animal-crossing bridge

Recrosslinking of natural habitats of species

The building of road projects in areas, in which cause of different reasons it is supoptimal, is often unavoidable. In these cases – if as example localities are separated each other or by then unaffected biotopes and natural habitats of species are getting disturbed – additional building activities respectively facilities under consideration of different aspects are neccessary, which furthermore ensure the interplay between the separated regions . Herefore the corrugated steel construction has proved itself amongst others, which was used before more than 100 years in the USA for the first time and since then undergoes a increased application until today.

The corrugated, according to the section curved and corrosion-resistant steel plates, are assembled ring by ring on construction site. After the completed assembly the corrugated steel profiles will be backfilled with a defined ground according to the mounting instructions. The interplay between the corrugated steel profile and the proper and professional compressed ground ensure the very good load behaviour of the flexible, ground-bedded, corrugated steel constrcutions.

The sided mapped pictures show the bridge over a highway-section between Arnheim and Apeldoorn in the durch national park Woeste Hoeve made of Hamco corrugated steel. Until today this construction is counted to one of the largest corrugated steel construction made of MP 200.

 Whether spanarch-, circle- or pipe arch profiles- for almost every structure gauge one can find a convenient cross-section design. Spans up to 24,00m are possible with corrugated steel.