PEHD pipes


The product is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene). These double walled pipes with smooth inside and helical web on the outside are characterized by properties such as high loading capacity – ring stiffness SN 8- great elasticity, low weight and insensitiveness to out-side influences.

Available diameters

DN 300 DN 600 DN 900
DN 400 DN 700 DN 1000
DN 500 DN 800

Field of application

The pipes are used as culvert pipes in road and rail-road construction, sewer and drainage pipe as well as cladding and sleeving pipe.


HDPE pipes are assigned to the principle of flexible, embedded pipes. The pipes supplied in great single length are connected with sockets or so called coupling bands. With appropriate and professional backfilling these pipes can bear high loads even with low height of fill.