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A family-run, international operating company located in Dinslaken - since 1956.

We would like to welcome you on our website. We are glad to introduce our company and its products.

Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH is family-run, international operating company located in Dinslaken (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia) since 1956 dealing with the manufacture and sale of prefabricated steel parts for road construction and civil engineering as well as for industry and agriculture. Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH ist the legal successor of Armco Dinslaken GmbH (previous Armco-Thyssen GmbH).

Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH supports the development of the construction method today as in the past significantly by scientific investigations, technical tests as well as innova-tive and economical feasibility research, e.g. with the help of factory-made special construc-tions with different levels of difficulty.

Virtues like quality, innovation and reliability has always been taking a high value. With proud we still look on the today the state of the technology relevant results of the pioneering works of the Dinslakener engineers (e.g. dynamic longterm test 1960, static load carrying test 1963, use of the Duplex systems for prefabricated steel parts on a semi-automatic coating machine since 1966, publication of the Klöppel/Glock design method 1970, development and first market implementation of the meanwhile worldwide-known corrugated steel product 200mm x 55mm in the end of the 1970’s, etc.) as well as several tens of thousands produced corrugated steel pipes in Dinslaken since 1956 used for the different applications worldwide.

The versatile use of our collected know-how in the last 6 decades and the conviction to be able to produce and to offer economical and high-performance corrugated steel products, give us the drive with flexibility, providing confidence, curiosity and facing the challenges to tackle the future.

Regardless of which of the five different Hamco corrugated steel products, finished products or restraint systems is chosen, Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH always guarantees quality, reliability and respectability to its customers and partners.

We remain with best regards
and call to you, typical for our region, ‘Glück auf !’.

Dinslaken, June 2014

Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Hammes
General manager

Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH
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