Agriculture - liquid manure silos

The manure tanks consist of corrugated, curved, hot-dip galvanized and additional plastic coated steel sheets, which are assembled  (bolted) to circle rings an job-site. The long-lasting tightness are granted by an permanently elastic strip which are positioned between the steel sheets du ring the assembly. The bottom of the manure tank is a steel concrete sole which is connected with anchor bolts to the steel ring. The manure tanks made by Hamco corrugated steel products are very flexible and stable. Because of that the manure tanks can be installed embedded in the soil totally or partially as well as can be integrated into a a slope. Here, a distinction is drawn between the following silos:

  • Tower silo
    Silo placed an the ground that the footpoint (transition clean layer to the wall) is visible. Prior to the construction of the clean  layer a frost protection ring need tobe created.
  • Silo with earth placing
    Silo installed max. 80 cm deep in the ground or the earth wall and underground installation is 80 cm, that the foundation is protected from frost and heat. Underground installation and earth wall need to be made running around in uniform height.
    Extendable silo -Silo consisting of one ring, but the steel wall is dimensioned that a later installation of a further ring is possible. Standard extensions are 2,00 m net height (2,10 m plate height). Special extension by 0,90 m or 1,40 m made of  cut plates are possible as well. The static informs if the appro-priate silo is extendable or not.

  • Deep silo
    Silo installed completely or partially in the earth. These silos are dimensioned to their steel wall that they, except the  protection of the entrance area (30 cm high), can be installed completely in the earth. The static considers here a running around uniform underground installation as well. That means floor levels need to be balanced through earth removal and  earth wall.

  • Slope-situated silo
    Silo installed in the slope with one-side earth wall or one-side free-standing, generally the lower and upper ring need to be executed not less than 3,00 mm plate thickness (exception for small diameters only). Because of different installations a separate slope proof need to be added to thestatic.

Numerous convincing advantages:

  • fits very well into the landscape caused by the colour scheme
  • wide spectrum of different diameters and heights
  • fast and simple assembly (low construction time)
  • tanks can be filled immediately after proper and professional assembly
  • high service life caused high-quality-corrosion protection
  • low planning and construction costs
  • very low up to not existing maintenance costs
  • simple and fast replacement of the tank elsewhere
  • possibility of enlargement of the tank content made by later assembly of an additional tank ring

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