Hamco MP150®

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) C. Hammes and Dipl.-Ing. D. Fiß developed the corrugation 152,4x22mm in the year 2002 and replaced the old corrugation 152,4x32mm from 1987. This corrugation will be applied to smaller flat pipe arch and circle profiles.

corrugation: 152,4mm x 22mm
plate thicknesses: 2,00mm – 4,00mm
span range: 0,80m – 3,00m

Profile lines:

  • LA, LB, PM (flat pipe arch profiles)
  • LR, PK (circle profiles)

Special constructive details such as elbows, penetrations, modeled curvatures, end walls etc. are available for all above mentioned profile lines.

Fields of application:

  • flat pipe arch profiles for stream culverts and smaller river bridges underneath roads of all classes, railway lines and service roads

- small pipe arch profiles used as passages for amphibians and deer.


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