Hamco MP200®

The corrugation 200x55mm was engineered from Dr.-Ing. D. Glock in the year 1979 and is the most commonly used corrugation for Multiplate constructions. With this corrugation the largest application area for corrugated steel buildings is covered.

corrugation: 200mm x 55mm
plate thicknesses: 2,50mm – 8,00mm
span range: 1,50m – 17,00m

Profile lines:

  • MA, MB (flat pipe arch profiles)
  • WA, WB, UF (underpass profiles)
  • KR (circle profiles)
  • EA, EB, SE (elliptic profiles)
  • KB, SB (circular arc , Superspan arc profiles)

Special constructive details such as elbows, penetrations, modeled curvatures, end walls etc. are available for all above mentioned profile lines.

Fields of application:

  • flat pipe arch profiles for stream culverts and smaller river bridges underneath roads of all classes, railway lines and service roads

- underpass profiles with a relationship of height/width of approx. 1 : 1,15 for crossing of bycicles, pedestrians and hikers, roads and service roads underneath roads and railways

- small pipe arch profiles used as passages for amphibians and deer

- big SuperSpan profiles for animal crossing bridges
  • Circle profiles for conveyor band tunnels, silos, water- and liquid manure tanks.


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