Hamco MP200plus®

New corrugated steel product of the Hamco MP200-family

Hamco MP200pIus® is a product extension of the Hamco MP200 familiy whose profil es allow relatively large spans with low building heights. To be able to grant the enormous load-bearing capacity and the usability for this product having unusual span-rise-relations the profile crosssections are stiffened with sections of steel in defined intervals. Hamco MP200plus® is characterized caused by the crosssections of its profil es by the optimal use of the clearance.

Highest demand on the statical design

During the development of the new corrugated steel product Hamco MP200plus® feasibility of the statical design has been focused.

The several months long study has been intensively accompanied by Hamco experts in cooperation with a charged engineering office. The scientific investigations like e.g. FEM as well as a load-bearing test of one of the developed standard profiles confirm impressively the performance of Hamco MP200plus®.

The results of these scientific investigations and technical tests as well as the high-quality materials using for Hamco corrugated steel products are the basis to fulfill the statical design of the usual requirements for corrugated steel products.

Field of application

Projects of road and railway construction as well as rehabilitations where jobsite, geometric complex conditions and an optimal use of the clearance must be accomplished.


  • wide spectrum of different profile cross sections and dimensions
  • fast and easy assembly (short construction time)
  • after proper and professional backfilling ready for use immediately
  • high Iife time cause of high-grade corrosion protection
  • small planning and building costs
  • very small up to non existing maintenance costs
  • incl. statical design of the needed, jobsitemade concrete strip foundations

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