The product SuperCor® describes an optimal addition to the already existing large program of Hamco® corrugated steel products and is associated to the flexible, embedded structures made of prefabricated steel parts. The combination of light weight construction and highest strength respectively stiffness as well as the high service life caused by the corrosion protection make SuperCor® to an economic construction method like all of the other Hamco® corrugated steel products regarding the following applications:

  • animal crossing bridges
  • culverts
  • underpasses for vehicles and railway
  • box-profiles for brdiges with low construction heights

Technical specifications:

corrugation: 381mm x 140mm
span range: 6,00m – 25,00m (see sections)


  • SC-B (flat box-profiles)
  • SC-SA, SC-HA, SC-OA, SC-NA (circular arc profiles, three-center curve profiles)
  • SC-R (circular profiles)

The foundation of non-closed SuperCor® structures is made by means of jobsite-made concrete strip foundations where asymmetric, galavanized steel angles are fixed serving as connection of the relevant corrugated steel elements.

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