Hamco SolidPlate ®
Hamco AluPlate ®

The corrugated-steel product line currently becomes to expanded by the two materials stainless steel (Hamco SolidPlate®) and  aluminium (Hamco AluPlate®). The first feasibility studies were already successfully done for this purpose. The use of the above  mentioned materials make the realisation of buildings in more aggressive media possible. Due to the excellent corrosion and abrasion  resistance Hamco SolidPlate® and Hamco AluPlate® provide outstanding service life with very low respectively not existent maintenance costs. Hamco SolidPlate® is preferential used for our product Hamco MP200®, while Hamco AluPlate® is used with our products Hamco MP 150® and Hamco MP68®. Here, the most standard profiles of the above mentioned products can be used.