Corrugated steel products

fast scheduling and assembly, cost-effective and long-lasting.

Bridges and culverts are essential parts in the system of roads and ways. The maintenance and construction of the effeciency of an economic domain and its environmental development require permanent care, renewal and reconstruction of roads and ways, as well as water courses. Construction and reconstruction of bridges and culverts are involved, whereby low-price solutions matched to the landscape are asked for. Increasing shortage in money of public budgets and keen competitive conditions of the economy force to search for economical, technical solutions, which at low cost-expense fulfil fast, long-lasting construction work with defined service value.

Flexible, embedded pipe made of Hamco® structural steel parts (corrugated steel pipes) is a construction system, which for various problems fulfils these conditions perfectly:

On job-site, corrugated steel pipes or MultiPlate are assembled from corrugated steel plates, which are curved according to the pipe shape and may have plate thicknesses of 2,50 mm to 8 mm, by means of bolt connections. Usual pipe forms are circular profiles, pipe arches with various relationships of height/width, ellipses, circular arches and super-span arches. The Hamco® MultiPlate programme includes optimized corrugations for different cases of application. 

Known fields of application are culverts and bridges in roads of all classes up to highways and service roads for heavy traffic. However, fields of application are by far not fully utilized. Using further construction elements, such as steel walls, bends, connecting pieces, entries, etc. pipes of various length can be constructed as well as storm water basins, back-water sewer, collecting pipes, escape tunnel or drainage pipe gallary in ground storages.

In addition to the standard cross-sections a variety of special profiles can be obtained with a variation of radii and angles of aperture to serve best the application purposes. Existing railway tracks and pipeline roads can be bridged with MultiPlate arches. The use of strutural steel parts for the repair and reconstruction of old vault bridges and culverts with running traffic is most suitable. For these applications the profiles can also best be matched to the cross-section of the vault.

Besides the applications described above in road and bridge building MultiPlate structures are also used in industry and agriculture. Structural steel parts are also used as discharge pipe for gravel, where material heights of up to 25 m can be reached, and silos for the storage of gravel, sand, crushed-rock, etc.. The structural details of discharge pipes can also provide for hopper inlet, change in slope, sump, fixation of wires or else. After years, the pipes can be disassembled problemfree and transferred ton other working fields. 

Silos needing ordinary footing on ring foundations can be built up to a height of 12 m and a diametre of 16 m. Manure tanks made of MultiPlate structural steel plates for the agriculture are circular tanks, which are placed on a steel concrete bottom and provided with a tight sealing band and special corrosion protection. These tanks are also suitable for fresh water tanks in industry.