Hamco LP-2F®

Rehabilitation of existing bridges – shafts – gallery construction

In opposite to the MultiPlate construction method the product LinerPlate 2-flange has a flange connenction in circumferential direction which make the assembly inside of existing buildings without lifting machines possible. The product is suitable for rehabilitations of existing buildings without big loss of cross-section. The LinerPlate construction is dimensioned for the complete overtaking of the forces.

LinerPlate 2-flange is suitable for circular shafts as well. The corrugation of the steel sheets causes a higher stiffness and a extension of the application area as well as an addition to LinerPlate 4-flange.

The statical principle bases on the flexible, elastic embedded system. The surrounding soil helps what a force-fitting connection requires.

The corrosion protection depends on the application. Hot-dip galvanizing and additional plastic coating are usual as well.

Application area

Rehabilitation of existing buildings, shafts, gallery construction

Possible cross-sections

Circular profiles, pipe arches, elliptical profiles as well as creating of special profiles for optimizing the loss of cross-section