Hamco LP-4F®

Shaft system

The product LinerPlate 4-flange is specially suitable for circular shafts. The smooth and with a flange surrounded, curved sheets are bolted to shaft rings and can be assembled ring by ring without any problems by hand caused by its low single weights. The assembly can be done inside the existing shaft sheet by sheet or by lifting up of pre-assembled rings outside the existing shaft. The removal of the LinerPlate shaft can be done without any problems analog.

The statical principle bases on the flexible, elastic embedded system. The surrounding soil helps what a force-fitting connection requires.

The corrosion protection depends on the application. In case of permanent assembly and removal of the LinerPlate 4-flange system no corrosion protection of the steel sheets is usual. But of course hot-dip galvanizing and additional plastic coating are possible.

Apllication area

Shafts for service, controlling, etc.