UltraCor® structures, which will be sold in Germany exclusively by Hamco®, consist of flexible, cold formed, corrugated steel plates, connected with bolts and nuts, used mainly in civil engineering as soil-steel composite structures bearing rail and road traffic loads for reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures such us:

• bridges
• tunnels
• underpasses
• culverts
• shelters


With the introduction of UltraCor® , the world’s deepest corrugation profile, a new dimension in capability and performance of corrugated steel structures is given. UltraCor® combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously unheard-of strength and durability.

UltraCor® structures have many advantages over traditional bridge solutions:

• bigger structure light
• bigger bearing of the structure
• bigger range of cover depth
• reduction in total time and cost of building a bridge
• easy and fast assembly


Product features

• high structural strength
• range of shapes and sizes
• relatively low weight
• high corrosion protection
• short installation time

Technical properties:

The steel used for the production of the UltraCor® structures conforms to the European Standards:

• EN 10025-2:2004 “Hot rolled products of structural steels – Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for non-alloy structural steels”.
• EN 10149-2:2013 “Designation Hot-rolled flat products made of high yield strength steels for cold forming – Delivery conditions for thermo mechanically rolled steels”.

Technical specifications:

corrugation: 500mm x 237mm
span range: 9,00m – 32,00m
alternatively see SuperCor® profiles

Profile shapes:

The foundation of non-closed UltraCor® structures is made by means of jobsite-made concrete strip foundations where asymmetric, galavanized steel angles are fixed serving as connection of the relevant corrugated steel elements.

The below shown structures were produced and photographed by ViaCon®.