VecoPipe® is a helically corrugated steel pipe characterized by light weight, elasticity under loading, installation even in poor soil and durability. On account of the light weight pipes of great lengths with few couplings are made possible and thus small expenditure in laying of pipes. Besides these favourable characteristics the pipes are best suited for the use on uneven surfaces and soil settlements.

Even with small heights of fills loading in accordance with bridge class 60 is obtained. Vecopipe® steel pipes, available from diameter 300 mm, are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. If required pipes can also be supplied with plastic coating for protection against high corrosion attack. Special parts such as elbows, lateral connecting pipes and access shafts can also be supplied. Vecopipe® steel pipes are used in road construction and for water passages, stream enclosures, trench crossing, cable ducts, service tunnels, forestry, etc..