Already in 1896 the corrugated steel pipe, which gets ist great stability and carrying capacity from bedding in the soil body, was developed and patented in the USA. The US iron and steel producer Armco Inc., founded in Middletown in 1899, took over the patent in 1908 and developed the new steel pipe technology into the present worldwide-known MultiPlate construction system. With the foundation in 1956 and the start of production of the plant in Dinslaken in 1957, today Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH, Armco Inc. and Thyssen introduced the the MultiPlate construction system into Germany and made it a success.

Besides the collecting of pratical know-how, the engineers and technicians in Dinslaken together with the Technical University Darmstadt and in cooperation with the authorities of Road Adminsitration took great credit in establishing computating methods for the loading and stability behaviour of elastically bedded, corrugated steel pipes. The result of these investigations is the Klöppel/Glock design method published in 1970 which still represents the state of the technology and is still today one of the most powerful methods for dimensioning of corrugated steel pipes. The dynamic longterm test in 1960 and the static large-scale test in 1963, generously supported by Armco-Thyssen GmbH (Dinslaken), underlined the method and gave the proof of the high-carrying reserves for dynamic and static loading. These tests represent until today effectively the basis for all following scientific investigations and technical tests made by us which support significantly the international development of corrugated steel pipes and are used often in independent publications. Here, especially the development and first market implementation of the meanwhile worldwide-known corrugated steel product 200mm x 55mm (short: MP200) has to be mentioned, which is still one of the most powerful, versatile and economical corrugated steel products. 

In 1987 the general manager, Mr. Manfred Hammes, employed since 1960 in the company, buys the sale related company Armco Dinslaken GmbH (previous Armco-Thyssen GmbH) from Armco Incorporated, Ohio (USA). Since that time the company is family-owned and operates under Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH.

The ambitious effort to be able to operate a wider field of application causes the extension of the existing portfolio of corrugated steel product with recently new developed corrugated steel products.

The prodcut portfolio is actually completed by following further products: